I'm a graduate student in the Master's program at the University of British Columbia. My interests lie in Distributed Systems and Programming Languages.

Research Projects

As a student researcher, I'm contributing to a project that helps Go developers prevent bugs and reduce errors in their code using Multi-party Asynchronous Session Types and Global Escapes [https://github.com/fbanados/sessions]. Session types give us a way to formally specify distributed system behaviour by providing a model of communication. Multi-party Asynchronous Session Types allow us to model more complex communications between multiple parties. Global Escapes represent asynchronous exceptions which can be used to model failures, planned terminations, and state changes.

I like to dabble with [distributed logging mechanisms] for visualization. I'm also working on an [intelligent machine] to compose music for me.

Details of my research projects and activities as a student can be found [here].

Industry Experience

Prior to returning to university, my work involved wrangling Scala web services as a developer at [HootSuite]. In the past, I've seen some [Java code]. Details about my work in industry [here].

There's always some time left over for [ music making]!